Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is possibly my favorite quote of all time from Shakespeare. Every time I read it, I get "thrill" bumps all over my skin.

I believe it's because in my soul I know this to be a deep truth that holds much magic. Not just in marketing and sales and all things business, but also in experiencing true happiness. Your life just gets so much better the more you allow yourself to be true to the core of who you are.

Do you know how special you are?

I don't mean this lightly. I mean it with my whole heart. 

So do you?

Not one of us is the same. We've each come into this physical existence with such tremendous gifts to share with this world that it would probably shock us all to know the depths of what we can do if we were to tap into just a fraction of it.

But here's what's key in this - you must be you, you cannot, not even a little bit, think that imitating someone else is better than being who you are.

Here's another quote I have on my vision board in my office (author unkown), "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."

I have this hanging visibly in my office for a reason - it reminds me of this daily. Every single day. It's so easy for us ALL to get sucked into checking out the "competition". To second-guess our own brilliance and genius.

To think we're not good enough to

The funny thing is that every single time I am myself more than ANYone else is that abundance flows into my life in more ways than I can name.

Here are just a few examples of what I receive every single time I'm just me, fabulous little ole, confidence, joy, satisfaction, thrill, laughter, gratitude, clients, money....basically abundance in any way you can think of.

So, stop thinking that the grass is greener being someone else. And, instead, try on what it feels like to be the best version of you that you've ever worn!

It may very well be the best thrill of you're entire life ... and bonus, clients will love you way more too!

Besides, you're just so darn cute! ;)
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